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Our perspective on application development is unique and focuses on bringing expertise, reliability, maintainability, and value to our clients and their uses.

Being a Kyros team member means more than the status quo. Our constant pursuit to evolve our processes, expand our skill sets, and discover new tools and techniques propels us forward. We are motivated to create a real and measurable impact to the stakeholders, and end users we diligently serve. We believe that software needs to continuously improve, and that it is our job to see that happen with success.

Every project, every client is a partner to us. We are long term thinkers, and are driven to be the key turners for tech and software development services.

Kyros Development Team meeting about a project


AWS Developer Associate 2020
Corp MVE Winner 2021
Expertise Best Software Development Agencies Award
Best Places to Work
Clutch MI 2020 Award

Our Goals

Provide Measurable Value

We maintain a constant goal, of delivering as much value into the time we are granted. That means remaining hyper focused on creative problem solving, and efficiency. Each and every day we discover better ways to do what we do. Our team love to perform the practice of scrutinizing our process, so we can evolve it.

Do not settle for “good enough”

We are not afraid to push the boundaries of expectations. We believe that software should be healthy. That means doing a high quality job, and holding ourselves to a higher standard that other development firms.

Maintain transparency

Each and every client has full insight and intel provided to them about the time we spend, and the tasks performed. We track time, and collaborate with our clients to get approval on work, and share the results after every sprint.

Remain Curious and Wide Eyed

Our passion for our craft is important to us. The developer experience is important to us. And remaining curious and explorative as individuals and as a team is very important to us. This allows Kyros to stay on the cutting edge with technologies, tools, and techniques.

Advise clients to avoid landmines

Because we are the experts, we feel a moral obligation to inform and educate our clients on the pitfalls of software development. If we can help our clients save on expenses, we will.





Results Oriented

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