Maple Syrup, The Kids Food Basket and Cryptocurrencies.

What do they all have in common?

Well… not much. Until now.

Kyros Digital is excited to tell you about a recent NFT project we helped bring together, Operation Amber. This project is a collaboration between local crypto thought leader, Zach Al-Kharusy and Kyros Digital software development company, both based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Zach approached us with an idea to sell NFTs for an open raffle of his famous “DeFi Maple Syrup” locally created and donate the proceeds to The Kids Food Basket. The goal was to create a fun, small project to help introduce blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to Grand Rapids.

The Al-Kharusy’s believe small batch maple syrup is the only way to experience a great breakfast. It even pairs very nicely with a great cup of coffee. The 500 NFT supply will be available for purchase shortly.

Here is a link to the project

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The Project Details

Operation Amber will feature 500 NFTs set at 20 $Matic, using the Polygon Network. After 1 week, there will be several onchain draws where the NFT owners can win a jar of “Pure DEFI Maple Syrup”, locally made and truly delicious. Don’t forget! Two very lucky winners are granted a custom retro game console!

Follow the project here

“I was happy Zach approached Kyros Digital to help. We’re advocates of blockchain and have worked on a few NFT projects over the last 16 months. This is for a really good cause and couldn’t be more happy to be on this!”

Nathan Jean, Managing Partner of Kyros Digital

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