This year – 2023 – we have seen a boom in implementing AI to business processes. We have seen adding ChatGPT into apps and to using AI on generative processes.

Recently we just announced a new Ai service we are offering – Kyros Ai Agent Service

This Ai service is adding a true conversational Ai to your business processes. Do you have an outbound calling team? This will amplify that by 1000%. Does your business take inbound customer support calls? This will make it way more efficient.

We have figured out how to both SAVE and MAKE a business more money. That is music to the ears.

*This cost analysis will cover specifically outbound sales calling.

What is the cost of a human caller?

Average entry level sales base salary is between $50k – $70k in the USA. You also must take into account the commissions, because we know without those incentives there will not be much output.

It’s hard to calculate commissions because every business is so different in offering. Let’s just assume that sales person gets to $80k a year.

You also must factor other expenses in like; Benefits, Taxes, Time off and down time. (again, these are also a big variance) – But let’s assume they total around an extra $30k a year per person for you.

Your total cost per person is at around $110,000 a year.

What is their output? Well let’s assume they do 100 calls per day. Let’s say you found a diamond in the rough who loves to do it.

(by the way, that is a maximum and 100 calls a day is hard if you have never done it before. I have. It can suck.)

This means for around $110,000 per year, you are getting 24,000 calls per year.

  • 100 calls per day x 5 days per week x 48 weeks per year (adding time off and holidays)
  • Let’s assume only 25% pick up and have convo (that is VERY optimistic)
  • Let’s also assume average call goes 5 minutes.
  • That means 5 minutes x 25 picked up calls = 125 minutes per day per that person calling.

What is the cost of an Ai caller?

With our service, you pay an integration setup cost and then you set daily budgets for talk time. So let’s take your cost of $110,000 per year per person above.

  • 125 minutes per day of talk time
  • 125 x $0.27 = $33.75 per day
  • $33.75 x 5 days a week x 48 weeks (as above example) = $8,100
  • With our service, to get the same output of talk time it would only cost you $8,100 per year OR 7% of the cost of the human above.

This would save you 93% of your costs OR you could 10 times your output at the same amount of money at $110,000 per year.

Let’s just run a fun example and see just how much talk time you can get for $110,000 (what you pay someone) above.

  • $110,000 / $0.27 = 407,407 talk minutes per year
  • OR 33,950 talk minutes per month
  • OR 7,834 talk minutes per week
  • OR 1,116 talk minutes per day

Didn’t we say we can save you money, increase output and efficiency? This in the business world is what you call ROI.

If you want a demo of our new service – contact us here