We are excited to announce the launch of a new service here at Kyros Digital, Ai Agent.

What is Ai Agent?

Ai Agent is a conversational Ai that is capable of having in depth, real conversations with people over the phone. This agent can perform both inbound and outbound calls.

Through powerful Ai tech, skilled prompt engineering, and machine learning… this Ai is very powerful.

What is so good about this?

We have all received those old ‘robo dialers’ where you can tell from the start that this is a recording. They don’t listen or go with the actual conversation. We also experienced calling in somewhere with a recording machine telling us to “press 1” (annoying).

This Ai Agent is not that. Far from it.

This Ai Agent actually has a conversation with you. It will go with the natural flow of the conversation. Don’t believe us? See the demo below.

Another massive benefit with this Ai Agent is it can perform tasks while on the phone.

Example; Your Ai Agent is talking to a prospect and they want to see a PDF with more information. Your Ai Agent can actually send a text mid conversation or email it to them while on the phone, then confirm they received it on the spot. 🤯

How can it be used?

Here are a few examples of how this Ai Agent can be used.

Customer Feedback 👍

Imagine you have hundreds of cancelled customers and you want to find out why. You can upload that list and set up some custom prompts for your agent to call. Also you can offer them a giftcard to start the call. Soon as the call is done, you can have the agent auto send an email or text with the giftcard link. You sit back, collect the feedback and make your business better.

Inbound Customer Support 🙋‍♀️

Instead of wasting human capital, use this powerful Ai Agent for your inbound customer support. Upload your knowledge base so customers can get the answers they want quickly. They don’t have to “press 1, then press 7, then press 8”. They ask a question, they get an answer. The result? Happier customers.

Outbound Sales 💸

This Ai Agent is just as good as a salesperson. It can handle objections. It can schedule meetings over the phone. It also has a touch of humor. Also, it never gets tired and is always motivated.

The opportunities and scenarios are literally endless. With skilled prompt engineering, we can get your Ai Agent dialed in to near perfection which aligns with your goals.

Kyros Ai Agent Demo

Watch a few demo videos between human our our AI Agent

Are you ready to launch your Ai Agent?

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