If you are a college football fan, then you know what this image above is all about.

Kyros Digital is excited to announce we have helped launch an Iconic college football NFT project with Jalen Watts-Jackson (the MSU player who returned the fumbled punt for a game ending touchdown in 2015).

This moment is an iconic moment in college football. The Michigan versus Michigan State Football game was the most watched game in 2021.

We would have loved to launch before the game, but we were waiting on ESPN’s confirmation to use audio (they declined authorization of audio). So we proceeded without audio.

About the project

The project is a collection of 10 minted, customized art work video created by an artist Jalen knew. This awesome video art reenacts the moment of the fumbled punt and the runback (Go Green!)

See the collection on Jalen’s OpenSea account – You can purchase one today

Oh, and BTW Jalen said he was going to autograph and send the 10 new owners who buy an autographed photo of that special MSU moment.

Below is a screenshot of the NFT project coming together.

Below is the final product posted on OpenSean! – Get yours today

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