Every software development company has a secret weapon. Here at Kyros it’s our CPO, Mark.

No, not our Chief Product Officer. Not our Chief People Officer.

Mark is our Chief Popcorn Officer.

He is also a very talented senior software engineer here at Kyros. But, whenever he is in the office he always pops up a custom seasoned batch of fresh corn. This fuels our developers more than you know and it is to him we say thanks.

We sat down to get to know him a little more. Here is our conversation.

“Music is my passion. I’ve actually been a guitarist for over 40 years and much of my free time is practicing or playing.”

Mark, CPO & Guitarist

Tell us a little about your background.

“I’m a graduate from Baker College 85′ with an associates in CIS. I attended GVSU, Aquinas and Ferris after that. I’m also currently seeking a Bachelors of Integrated Studies at Ferris.”

“I started in software in 1984 writing business software on mid-range systems. I then progressed through IBM mainframe systems, UNIX open source / Java base solutions, .com, J2EE/microservice/cloud based systems w/ the last 15 years.”

What was one of your best moments building software projects in your career?

“A Java client and enterprise based solution which I architected and helped implement while working w/X-Rite which was a color quality cross platform solution which was very scalable and included automated installers. It also included self contained Java servlet engines and support from multiple RDBMS systems (Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySql).

What do you love most about Kyros so far?

“In my 8 months so far, I love the team culture, professionalism, skill level and the ability to work well together. Also, I appreciate the support I have received from the partners who always are there to answer questions and for support. That empowers me to want to work ever harder for Kyros.”

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Ok, random fact?

“I really love dogs. I have two right now, plus I watch my daughter’s puppy on occasion. Dogs to me are very special and I have learned a lot from them in my life.”

What do you do for fun besides race mustangs and make the Kyros popcorn?

“HaHa… well, music is my passion. I have been a guitarist for over 40 years and spend much of my free time either practicing, playing or collecting guitars / amps or working with them.”

Want to work with Mark and Kyros? Contact us today and let’s chat! If we can play guitar and pop the city’s best popcorn, we can build some really great software.