In late February 1998, Bruce Perens and Eric S. Raymond founded and launched the Open Source Initiative. They were part of a group inspired by the Netscape Communications Corporation publishing the source code for its flagship Netscape Communicator product.

At Kyros Digital, we have been trying to make more of an effort to allow our developers time during the week to focus on passions, along with their career growth. Our developers are allowed to request an “open source day” where they can work one day to contribute to an open source project of their choosing.

Our first developer to take the opportunity to contribute to the Open Source Initiative was our very own, Aaron Trudeau.

Aaron used a few open source days to work on the Unity Test Runner GitHub Action. He added a new feature to the project which allows multiple different kinds of projects to be tested using the Action. Built on the solid foundation the Unity Test Runner GitHub Action already provided, this work will open up automated software testing for more Unity projects than ever before.

Here are Issues / PRs:

Through this work, he has honed several noteworthy skills, including GitHub Actions, the jq command line tool and bash scripting. Aaron is very confident that the skills and knowledge working on this project have helped train him up to be an even better software engineer.

“We are very excited about this because we want our developers to continuously level up their skills. We’re proud of what Aaron has contributed to the open source community and are excited to see what else our team can build!”

Nathan Jean, managing partner

Aaron has also been working on our startup SaaS software, Sidekick Ai for almost a year now. He has taken a team lead position, produced really great functionality and has improved vastly as a software developer.

🎉 We are very proud to have Aaron on the Kyros Digital software team. 🎉

You can find more updates on our team here.