We recently launched a project for one of our clients with our new Kyros Ai Agent service. This project was focused on “Lead Revival”.

Basically our client wanted to leverage AI to call all of the old leads to see if they can be revived or spark some interest.

What were the results you ask? Well, pretty awesome!

Our client paid under $150 to book 37 revival meetings. The Ai Agent called 2,000 in under 4 hours. It spoke with over 400 people to book 37 meetings.

To put that into context, it would take a human almost an entire week to do that. Our conversational Ai did this in half of a work day.

Here at Kyros Digital we view Ai as a tool to supercharge your business, not to replace people. We are very excited about the potential of these new Ai tools and are launching them into client’s businesses everywhere.

If you are curious on how a conversational Ai can help your business like this, contact us here.