This case study is very different. See, at Kyros Digital we build custom software for clients but this time we decided to do it ourselves.

Project: Sidekick Ai

Industry: #SaaS #Productivity


  • Delivery Roadmap
  • Product Planning
  • UX / UI & Design
  • Mobile & Web App Development
  • Integrations & API Development
  • System Architecture
  • Cloud Setup & Maintenance
  • Unit Testing
  • Code Reviews
  • Software Support
  • Product Maintenance

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Software Description: Sidekick Ai is a smart scheduling software that is powered by machine learning.


  • Mobile App (Android & iPhone)
  • Web App

The project background.

Sidekick Ai was born out of an idea based upon frustration and personal need. Nathan Jean (Founder of Kyros Digital) was quickly growing his company and needed help scheduling. He wanted more than a link share Calendly tool but didn’t want to hire an assistant.

You can read the founding story here

So he asked himself, “can I build a smarter scheduling tool with ai?” He first built a POC and presented it to Chris Ake and Jon Butler. They loved the proof of concept and all agreed why not try to build this into a product that others would use.

They had over a decade of experience building ideas for clients and figured why not try to build their own product to take to market.

The project results.

  • Made Product Hunt’s #2 Product of the Day (see here)
  • Made it to select side App Sumo deal (see here)
  • Gained over 3,000 users worldwide
  • Raised $50,000 seed round
  • Featured on ABC, WoodTV, GRBJ
  • Used in over 120 countries world wide

I loved the process of building our own software product. It was unique being a client of the company I own (Kyros Digital) but such a great experience. I feel like I gained a deeper understanding for clients now and how to better serve them. Until you actually build your own, you have no idea… even if you have built hundreds of products for clients. You gain a deeper understanding for needs and how to better build for them.

Chris Ake, managing partner Kyros Digital

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The project closing thoughts.

The main takeaway we have from this experience is that we know what it takes to build and launch a software from idea to reality. It is not easy as just having a really good idea to be successful in the software product market. This process has brought us a lot closer to client understanding when we build software for them.

This project also challenged our team to build very sophisticated tools with machine learning. This project pushed us in so many ways and we are beyond pleased with how much this helped us level up as developers.

Thank you to the entire Sidekick Ai team on this one! You all deserve a cheers.