2022 was the year that will hallmark the year of business adoption for adding blockchain technologies.

We are noticing many large corporations begin the talent search for blockchain developers around the globe to help them expedite the process of building the software.

Here at Kyros Digital, we actually started building blockchain projects last year. You can read about this cool case study and how we helped build an entire NFT platform from the ground up.

We wanted to sit down with our lead blockchain developer (Drew) and have a little Q&A. We wanted to dive deeper into his excitements and what he sees coming up in the future.

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What are you most excited about this year in the blockchain space?

“I want to really help others understand what can be done with crypto technologies and blockchain development. I also am a huge fan of DeFi projects right now.”

What excites you about working on blockchain projects?

“I fully believe in what the technology provides to the world. I have not owned a dollar bill in forever and pay for as much as I can with crypto. So I really enjoy building out different ways for others to be able to do the same thing.”

NFTs are hot. Let’s talk about that. What are your thoughts on the current market?

“I’m not a huge NFT bull, but they are very misunderstood both by users and by creators. To me, the biggest use cases are exclusive access to a group or event, providing rewards to the holders of the NFTs (rev sharing), and gaming.”

“Gaming is the biggest use case for me because it allows users of a game to actually own what they earn in the game. For example, in order for your character to be able to use a weapon in a game, you have to own one of the NFTs that represent the weapon. The user owns it, the creators of the game will never be able to take it away from them, and they can even sell it to other users who want to use that weapon in the game.”

How do you see this space evolving over the next few years?

NFTs are huge right now because people can see them, and that makes it easier to understand what is it actually is they own, as opposed to holding coins and utilizing them in different ways (lending / borrowing). I do think this will change and more people will understand more than just NFTs as crypto becomes more mainstream.”

“Another big change coming is interoperability between different blockchains, which is a HUGE step forward for everyone. It is very difficult for somebody who is new to figure out how to get their coins from one blockchain to another.”

Last question… what is your favorite crypto project right now?

“It’s a game. I’m a huge fan right now of Guild of Guardians! This is one of the first blockchain games that is actually to the standard of a regular game that you would play for entertainment. It is being built on Immutable X, layer 2 blockchain built on Ethereum that is designed for NFTs. When it is fully release it will have the potential to be the top blockchain game in the world because of its accessibility for everyone to play (mobile, web, etc).”

“If I have to pick a DeFi, I would pick Hubble Protocol.”

Check out this NFT project we helped built from a Michigan State Football Alum called “Trouble with the Snap” (The fumbled punt from UofM and MSU game).