Let’s talk about why brands are using WAX to launch their NFT projects (and no, not like candle wax).


We are talking about the WAX blockchain.


Some very popular brands like Atari, Topps and Street Fighter have launched NFT projects on WAX recently.



Read about a project we actually built on top of the WAX blockchain recently.


What is WAX?


WAX is (The Worldwide Asset Exchange) and claims to be the most used and transacted blockchain ecosystem for the NFT market, dApps (more on dApps) and video games. They provide you a safe and convenient way to create, buy, sell and trade both virtual and physical items to anywhere in the world.


WAX is really focused on building a “purpose-built” Blockchain. Their founders, William Quigley and Jonathan Yantis, have set a very ambitious roadmap with a focus to change the world.


Benefits of WAX


  • WAX is scalable with over 325,000 daily users and more than 15,000,000 daily transactions.


  • The WAX Cloud Wallet is the most used blockchain wallet in the world with +5m accounts.


  • WAX is very eco-friendly and a clean & carbon neutral blockchain. (read more here)


  • WAX uses Proof of Stake to reserve computing resources. When WAXP is staked, it will increase the scarcity of the token and it will accrue rewards over time.


  • They also provide developers an abundance of resources that help to launch these projects with ease.


WAX is a leading, go-to Blockchain for NFT projects and we have been super excited to be apart of this fast growing industry. We just wanted to catch you up to speed on what WAX was, why people seem to be loving it and how it’s being used.


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