Some really great ideas are inspired by a great adult beverage. Wisck AR was actually inspired from a bottle of wine (19 crimes) by local Grand Rapids, Michigan entrepreneur, Dean Hunt.

I learned about AR from a networking event. They displayed the Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes wine AR label and I was hooked.”

The first time Dean was introduced in person to Augmented Reality (AR).

After seeing how the AR label worked at the event, Dean immediately went to Meijer to grab more bottles of wine to try the AR labels himself (as well as enjoy a glass or two).

Dean told us that within the first 18 months of using AR labels, 19 Crimes sales rose by over 500%.

After this experience he wanted to see if he could build his own Augmented Reality experience. After relentless Google searches, he couldn’t find a really simple solution he could use. Everything he found was very expensive or just was not user friendly at all.

Dean Hunt is a former SpartanNash Creative Director turned entrepreneur. He launched his own Creative Agency four years ago and soon after launched WisckAR.


What does every great entrepreneur do when they cannot find a solution already out there? They set out to build one. This is exactly what Dean started to do and WisckAR was born.

Focused on changing the AR industry with simple, DIY solutions.

Dean has been building Wisck for a few years now and the MVP has been live for a few months already. He has been seeing month over month growth with new users signing up around the world.

He built WisckAR with a few angel investors and a lot of bootstrapping. Currently, his platform is up and working with a few uses cases; 1) for personal use and 2) for business use.

Individuals can use it to build AR experiences they can share with friends and families. Businesses can use the tool to build marketing campaigns like the 19 Crimes campaign.



Here is a video from his YouTube channel of his platform in action (also in celebration of Miggy and his 500th homerun! Because we’re Detroit Tiger fans here at Kyros)


For more moments like the Miggy video, check out their Instagram.

The main goal with WisckAR is to allow non technical people the ability to build affordable AR experiences.

“About 70% of Americans do not even know what AR is.”

– Dean stating some of their biggest challenges at the moment

Dean told us next phases for WisckAR is simply improve the product based on user feedback. He is also considering raising more capital to help further improvement at a faster rate for Wisck.

On top of huge product improvement they are also focusing on building a Whitelabel solution for users, which we are excited to see roll out!

Check out the WisckAR website