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The Future of Fantasy Sports involves NFTs

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Uncategorized


Combine trading cards, fantasy sports and NFTs. What do you get?


You get the future of fantasy sports. You get NFTDRAFT.IO.


NFT’s explained and how Mark Cuban and Gary Vaynerchuk used them in their businesses. 


How does it work?


NFT Draft offers sports packs of cards for purchase. Each sports pack is minted, verified and tracked with an NFT. Every card is synced with a professional player and each card is unique. You can buy packs of cards, take these cards and you create a Fantasy team that competes weekly for prizes. It’s all about strategy and a little bit of luck.


Think about back in your childhood days collecting trading cards. What if you could use those cards to assemble a team you could play with in a fantasy league? Well this is the concept of the NFT Draft platform.


You can buy the Pre Sale packs now. Ends July 12th, 2021.  



How can you make money


There are several ways you can strike gold with the NFT Draft platform.


  • Simply win a multi player tournament. Duh.
  • You can unpack a super valuable card. Good luck!
  • HODL your cards. Maybe a player has a breakout season and their card value increases.
  • Just by joining the community you have a chance for random prizes even if you lose. 50% of the sale revenue goes back into the community.
  • Trade up cards. You can collect 10 identical cards to make a new card that is higher in value.
  • You can also rent your rare, valuable cards to the marketplace as well and make passive income.



Why this project has serious potential


According to statista, the market size of fantasy sports in the United States is around $8.37 billion in 2021. This is up from 2020 which was around $7.7 billion.





Another interesting piece of data is it appears that NFTs are seeing all time highs as more people understand an adopt them. just had a record month of NFT sales (this is just one NFT platform).




So with the adoption of NFTs and a steady growing of fantasy sports, we really think that NFT Draft has some serious potential as this project kicks off. We for sure are buying some packs (we are a little biased because our company is helping build the platform) but we will be playing to win this upcoming Fall season!


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