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Our Processes at Kyros Digital

Our process is tried and tested, Our team is incredible.

At Kyros, we take pride in our work. Our team consists of experts, extremely passionate about the art of software development. We are not your average team, we are driven to provide the maximum amount of value, service, and expertise.

Software development is challenging, and rapidly changing each day. Having a well refined process, that provides stability for the team and for clients is key.

We have carefully developed a process that continues to drive a massive amount of value to both the clients we serve, and their end users, in a measurable way.



In order for a project or effort to be a success, we need to understand the needs of the business, an end user experience. Our discovery process dives deep into more than just what should be represented on the screen. We gather all the requirements and objectives, and organize them into a concrete plan.


If software was a skyscraper, then Concepting would be the blueprints. In order for the development team to have clarity and confidence in what should be produced, we perform a concept design phase, that outlines the acceptance criteria, architectural design, business logic, and user experience in a way developers and clients can understand.


Kyros uses a hybrid AGILE / SCRUM process. This keeps us on track, organized, and allows us to keep clients in the know every step of the way. We believe each iteration should include the collaboration of both Kyros and stakeholders.


User Experience Mapping

Before we can compose a beautiful interface, or capture important business logic, we need to map the user experience. By putting ourselves in the end users perspective, we can articulate the experience through various design techniques, such as a “user journey”.

User Interface Design

This is where the concept becomes tangible. During this step, we create wireframes and mockups that eventually become the visual representation of what will be produced in code. Here we implement the brand, and visually design the end product.

Clickable Demo

To conclude the design process, we produce a clickable prototype. By sharing the demo, it allows the Kyros team and clients to communicate and grasp the end result in a meaningful way.



This is where the rubber meets the road! During the step, we are writing the code, and performing all the great actions to produce high quality working software.

QA & Testing

Before work can be submitted as completed, it must be rigorously tested. Performing multiple tests, such as unit testing, end to end testing, code reviews, we can ensure that the contributions to the code base will meet the Kyros Standard, and acceptance criteria defined by our clients. Testing also vastly mitigates the potentials for bugs and issues.


Let the updates free! During this step, we carefully deploy our work into the various environments, and eventually production.

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