Staff Augmentation

Kyros Digital offers staff augmentation services for mid-large sized companies. We offer our talented software development team as an extension of your own team. Our developers work with other teams in your company with one mission, build really good software. 


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Why Staff Augmentation?

When is it a good fit?

When you need talented software teams and it’s hard to find your own internally. Quickly insert our teams with your teams to keep momentum moving forward.

Streamlined Onboarding

We have had compliments how great our vetting and onboarding process has been with our Staff Aug clients. We help train and facilitate the onboarding process to your project quickly. We really try to reduce friction on starting a new project and focus on making this easy as possible.

Extra Benefits

One extra benefit is to reduce your HR overhead. You also will be able to source skilled experienced developers faster. You can quickly expand bandwidth faster than hiring internally for most cases.

Constant Improvement

At Kyros we really empower our teams and push them for constant improvement. We are constantly helping to improve our team and invest back into them wherever possible, such as helping them achieve new certifications with ongoing education.

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