NFTs have become quite the blockchain craze in 2021. Recently, Kyros Digital helped a client reach over $200,000 within one month of launch and 2,500 active weekly users.

We explain NFTs in this latest article if you need to get caught up.

The Project

NFT Draft came to Kyros Digital seeking help with an innovative idea built with Blockchain Technology and a spin on Fantasy Football. We actually dive deeper into how this project works with this article.

Kyros was faced with a short timeline to build and launch this platform as Football season in America was just around the corner.

Here are some timelines of the project

  • Project start in early June, 2021
  • We launched the MVP 1.0 in early August (Unpacking solution)
  • We launched the MVP 2.0 in early September (Fantasy Football Platform)

Current Results

  • Over 2,500 active weekly users
  • Over 500,000 cards unpacked (like digital trading cards)
  • Over 900,000 NFTs minted
  • Current sales over $200,000 on growing

Challenges Faced

No great project comes easy and Kyros Digital overcame a few hurdles while building this innovative blockchain software.

One major challenge was working with WAX blockchain. They simply do not have great documentation, which does not help our development team.

You can read why brands are using WAX for their NFT projects here.

Another challenge was simply time. The project started in early June but needed to be here for the NFL Football season (just over 3 months), again built on top of a brand new technology.

A final challenge was building a complete customized fantasy football game engine from scratch.

Final Thoughts

Overall, both the client and our team is very satisfied with this project rollout. We made it by football season and our teams learned a lot more about Blockchain software development and WAX.

This project pushed our development teams to improve and we are pumped about this outcome! Our team put a lot of outside hours into this project to ensure the success of the first week for the Fantasy Football season.

This is a one of a kind platform, blending NFTs and fantasy football which makes it truly a unique project. It has multi faceted technology built with blockchain. This is only the start of blockchain applications, we are excited to see what comes next.