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Services Provided
Consulting, Design, Development, Ongoing Support

Client Challenge

Seek2Work / Seek2Hire is an ambitious startup based in the united states. It’s aim is to provide an all in one platform for connecting contractors with the ability to find workers, and visa versa. This presents a huge challenge, because it involves time tracking, job posting, payment systems, negotiations and more.

With over 250+ screens in the app, it was a massive build for our team, and a huge design challenge.

The payment system is incredibly robust, and offers users the ability to control how they get paid with multiple accounts, and automates the process as much as possible.

One of the most challenging parts of the project was the stripe integration. This integration was the most elaborate integration with Stripe Connect we have ever built, and it is very very reliable!

Our Solution

Seek to Work Week to Hire Login Screen on mobile device

We consulted and dove deep into the finer aspects of the end user experience. What do people expect when providing services, or looking for opportunities? How do companies manage their businesses and job sites? By asking many questions, and getting good clear answers, we were able to simplify the process and end user experience as much as possible, without imposing too many restrictions on the user experience.

By providing a mobile application, we are able to empower users on the go, so they can manage their contractors, negotiate contracts, or find work with ease.

Seek to Work Week to Hire Example Screen on mobile device
Seek to Work Week to Hire Example Screen on mobile device
Seek to Work Week to Hire Example Screen on mobile device

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