5 reasons companies
choose Kyros Digital
to build software

Kyros Digital is laser focused on building really good software for our clients. We build software that ranges from a startup idea all the way to large company software solutions.


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Some of the companies who trusted us to build their software

Recognizing the hard work we do for our clients

2021 Best of MichBusiness Award Winner

“This award was an honor to represent some of the best businesses of our great mitten state!” – Nathan Jean, Managing Partner

Clutch Award

2020 Top Software Developer Grand Rapids

“We’re honored to be discussed as one of the best software development companies in our city!”

#1: We really understand software development

We know every software agency says this, but we really do. We have built a lot of client projects and we have also built our own SaaS project, Sidekick Ai. We know exactly what it takes to build something from idea to launch to support to scale.

We don’t just talk the talk, we have actually walked the walk and built our own software that the world uses. We understand software development.

#2: A huge focus on culture and our people

Just ask our team members about Kyros. We promise you that you will hear really good things. We admit we’re not perfect, but we really do focus on open-door environments with our teams. We place a huge emphasis on their happiness in life and well being.

Happy teams create some of the best results and we know this from experience.

#3: We are flexible on projects

Kyros offers a flexible and more standard software development arrangement. You can use use our entire team to build your software, or you can hire just a few of our developers and have them plug into your teams and systems through FlexDev.

Every project and outcome is unique, we’re here to help you in the best way possible.

#4: Over a decade of experience in software

The Kyros partners have been developing software since 2011. They have built hundreds of projects over the years that have been used worldwide. They have even built and sold software companies before.

Rest assured that you are in very good, experienced hands with us.

#5: Our eyes are on the newest technology

Technology is forever changing and it changes quick. Here at Kyros, we really focus on new technologies, we experiment and push ourselves to learn new things. In 2021 we started building NFT Blockchain platforms.

We will never cease to adopt and use new technologies because it’s in our DNA.

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